TPU Powerlifting 20KG Barbell Set with Barbell Bar ,Weight Plates ,Spring clips

TPU Powerlifting 20KG Barbell Set with Barbell Bar ,Weight Plates ,Spring clips

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The material

 TPU with pour steel inside --- weight plate

Hollow bar with outside foam cover---Bar

Spring steel ---Spring clips

Our barbell set component as below

One set 20KG barbell set include

1.25kg*2pcs TPU weight plate

2.5kg*2pcs TPU weight plate

5.0kg*2pcs TPU weight plate

One piece bar with two piece of spring collars

TPU & Rubber plate compare

TPU: Thermoplastic elastomer is the general term of TPU, TPU is an environmentally friendly non-toxic polymer material. TPU materials combine the advantages of high elasticity of rubber and processing properties of plastic. It does not require vulcanization and can be processed by an ordinary thermoplastic molding machine. Briefly, thermoplastic elastomer TPU are thermoformed and can be produced using injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines. Waste and leftover materials can be 100% recycled, which is the raw material of choice to replace PVC, rubber and silicone and dominate the rubber and plastics industry.

1. Rubber is relatively soft, between rubber and plastic, TPU material hardness range (0-100A) is very wide;

2. The concept of elastomer is very wide, TPU is also known as thermoplastic rubber (TPR), rubber usually refers to thermosetting rubber;

3. Different treatment methods. Rubber is processed by mixing rubber, while TPU is usually processed by extrusion;

4. Different properties, rubber usually need to add a variety of additives, need vulcanization reinforcing, and thermoplastic elastomer TPU performance is very good;

5. The thermoplastic elastomer TPU has a linear structure and is physically cross-linked by hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds break at high temperatures and are plastic. Rubber is chemically cross-linked and has no thermoplasticity.

6.TPU plastic material has excellent wear resistance, which is more than five times that of natural rubber, and it is one of the first choice materials for wear resistant products.

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To better ensure the safety of your goods ,professional,environmentally friendly,convenient and efficient packing services will be provided .

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