Overlord Fitness V-Shape Press Down Bar Exercise Cable Attachment For Bodybuilding

Overlord Fitness V-Shape Press Down Bar Exercise Cable Attachment For Bodybuilding

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Customized Brand: We can laser your brand / Logo if you need. The package usually bubble bag wrap and taped then put into yellow box, we can also ask for  stick the label /FNSKU for you too.

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● The details size of the V-Shape handle: The length 7.5" and width 6.5" and high 5.5".
This is the normal size most client choose, you can also ask for customized. Some client need knurling deep to avoid slip. That is acceptable.

● V handle: made of high-quality solid steel, not hollow pipe. Chrome-plated to prevent corrosion and rust. We will also paint oil on the surface of the V shape handle. You can clean the oil with clean towel first before using. The non-slip knurling design grip also adds extra safety during exercise. Designed for all cable systems.

● Heavy-duty steel handles: These handles are indeed well-made and very durable. They are specially designed for home gyms, cable machines, pull-down machines, V-bar pull-down and seated T-bar rows.

● Handle with knurling deeply: sturdy construction, the knurling in the middle is the right size, feels comfortable, and can be used easily without wearing gloves.
Noticed: Holds hands firmly in place when training.

● Comprehensive training: By incorporating this barbell into your strength training program, you can exercise your upper body and target your triceps. Multifunctional training combination: Perfectly enhances triceps and grip strength, helps the muscles around the elbows, wrists, back, abdomen and shoulders.

● General accessories: suitable for any cable fitness equipment. Help you expand your exercise range and maximize your exercise efficiency.

Delivery time

Usually the delivery time base on the quantity you order. But for we are manufacturer, if you need the cargo urgent pls inform us earlier. We will try to supply the best quality products and best service for you!

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