Trcieps Rope

Trcieps Rope

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Triceps Pull Down Attachment, Cable Machine Accessories for Home Gym, LAT Pull Down Attachment Weight Fitness.

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Item name Triceps Rope
Weight 800g
Material Nylon Rope /Rubber hand grip
Length 70CM
Payment T/T
Packing Opp bag
Delivery time Within 7 days after getting prepayment  
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● The Triceps Rope handle diameter is designed according to the physiological structure of the human body, with 28 inches long total length 70CM and heavy 0.8kg.

● The hole: Simply loop your carabiner through the hole in the triceps rope and attach it to your multi gym cable.

● The Triceps Rope handle made of natural rubber, which is comfortable and easy to hold and has a first-class experience.

● Triceps Pull Down Rope Come high strength nylon material. This triceps training rope is made of heavy woven nylon rope that is resistant to wear, and will not wear out with intense training. Max Load up to 1000 LBS, the grip is nice and stiff. Solid rubber is used inside the ends to prevent sliding and interfere with your training.

● You can use The Triceps Rope for your resistance bands when doing curls, presses, overhead raises, uprights, lateral raises, arm rows.

● The cable pulley attachments for gym is easy to install and can help you exercise endurance and strength. The Triceps Rope is of great significance to improve sports efficiency and is deeply loved by sports lovers.

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1. Can be used by both arms for the balanced force to muscles on both sides, focusing on the triceps muscle and muscles on the back of the upper arms, including triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abs.

2. Suitable for multiple workouts: seated row exercises, pull downs, press downs, kickbacks, crunches, bent over row, choppers, pushing, pulling, knee bending, and more.Triceps training rope mainly strengthens triceps, back, shoulders and arms. It will also improve your grip strength. Try to tighten your shoulder blades during training and you will achieve unexpected results.

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